Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Arriving in Beijing

After a 30-hour trip from Cincinnati over San Francisco and Tokyo, we safely arrived at the Prime Hotel Beijing at midnight local time on May 13th. We survived two Pandemic-Tests (including body temperature check and questions like: "Have you been in contact with a pig in the last 7 days?" or "Have you been to Mexico recently?"). The airplanes were well equipped, all providing us with our own personal entertainment center. Thus, for the past 30 hours pretty much all we've done is eat, drink (only for Isabell as Danielle and Renee were trying to avoid the plane restrooms), watch movies, and sleep.

It is now 7 am local time in Beijing, rather cloudy but already 71 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees Celsius) and we are up early to make the most of our day in Beijing. The plan is to see Pandas at the Zoo, visit Tiananmen Square to learn a bit more about Chinese history, and see the former Emporer's palace at the Forbidden City.


  1. OMG -- a body temperature check. THAT could have been scary.

  2. Very cool. I just came back from Tiananmen Square this morning... Hope you guys have fun...


  3. Kompliment an die Dame in rot. Schon beim Anflug auf Asien hat sie ihre Augen auf chineisches Format umgestellt. Das schafft sicherlich Vertrauen und Nähe zum chinesischen Volk.